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Dear Yuletide Writer,

First of all, thanks so much for writing for me! It may sound silly, but I'm grateful that you're interested in my crazy requests. I'm still a fandom outsider, and at this point I'm a little resigned to it, but Yuletide is a chance to play in a less scary fandom sandbox.

I'm going to reuse my likes and dislikes from my letter last year, because they're all still accurate:

1) Weird stuff happening! I'd rather read a strange plot twist than a common trope any day, and I like it when tropes are averted by people acting sensibly and cutting misunderstandings off at the pass and things like that. I also like explorations of how the canon really works, especially for magic/super-science systems, and going places the canon didn't.

2) I like happy or satisfying endings, on the whole, but I do like darkness as long as it's sort of unrealistic darkness, if that makes sense? I find realistic violence and angst uncomfortable to read, but over-the-top action violence and angst about ridiculous fanfic situations? Go right ahead! Still, it's nice if it's all resolved, or at least resolved enough for people to go on.
2a) On the subject of "unrealistic darkness," I really like body horror, as long as it isn't juvenile or played as a way to punish women for having sex/having lady parts! Straightfoward, creepy body horror is wonderful, actually.

3) I like people doing their best when things are getting ridiculous or silly around them. I like people who are competent, whether that means badass or not. People with professional skills are awesome! (My guilty pleasure is reality TV shows where people with a neat professional skill show it off or compete.) I like people in love, and trying their best to love, even when everything says they shouldn't be.

4) When it comes to porn, I mostly like affectionate stuff, but I'm cool with a lot of kink! I like voyeurism/exhibitionism (when everyone involved is in on it and okay with it), threesomes/group sex, and quasi-group-sex where some people are just watching and occasionally touching people, stroking hair, giving encouragement, and that kind of thing. I'm okay with both preg and mpreg; lactation/breastfeeding really isn't my thing, but if you gloss over the fluids and focus on the nurturing part, that's all right. Transformation and expansion are cool, and sex with non-humans is fine as long as they're fully sentient (no real bestiality, please!).

1) Idiot Plots! If you don't know what that means, it's a term for plots where major plot points require that everyone involved is an idiot. Not everyone in the story needs to be super-smart -- if you want to write dumb people getting into problems, that's fine -- but if characters are supposed to be intelligent and capable, I want them to have good IC reasons for the mistakes they make.

2) Like I said above, realistic violence isn't my thing in fic. That goes double for sexual violence and non-consensual sex, which is a huge turnoff for me even if it's not realistic and the victim recovers or really enjoys it.

3) I don't like BDSM and powerplay stuff in fic, even if it's all safe, sane, and consensual. Just not my bag, sorry!

4) A few miscellaneous kinks that aren't my thing: incest, bodily fluid play, underage, mind-control/mental transformation/"bimboizing", and A/B/O and its trappings (animal genitalia, heats, inborn sub-dom).

I hope this doesn't come off as too picky, because I swear I won't be picky! Anything you write will be awesome. I just have some squicks along with my kinks, that's all.

Here are my prompts:

Fandom: Twin Cinema - The New Pornographers (album)
Character(s): The Bones of an Idol
My Prompt: The Bones of an Idol is so close to being a full story, but it's mostly just evocative details: the raft, the cup, the torch-lit court, the quest pulling the searchers on... I would love to see these details slotted into a full story! Who or what is the Idol? What's up with its (his? Her?) bones, and what compels people to search for them even at such great cost? Just tell me what you think is going on in this song, and I'll be delighted!

I love Twin Cinema all the way through, so if you want to add elements from other songs, go ahead! Or just write me something about Jackie dressed in cobras. I love Twin Cinema and anything about it will make me smile.

My Notes: I nominated Twin Cinema because it's been my go-to album this year, and the New Pornographers' lyrics do an incredible job at creating half-stories that I feel are really ripe for fanfic! I really would be happy with any song on the album, not just the stuff I've nominated, although those are the ones that feel like they have the most story potential.

Seriously, though. Bones of an Idol. What's going on?

Fandom: I'm Your Man - Leonard Cohen (album)
Character(s): any
My Prompt: I love the sense of place and setting in this album! Take This Waltz is my favorite, and I want to read more about this sort of tragic, failing/crumbling/rotting/enduring Vienna. I feel like, even though this song has a narrator and a "you," the real main character is Vienna in all its melancholy majesty. (You can have the narrator and "you" there, though, if you want!)

For the other three songs nominated, I almost wonder if they're all part of the same setting? There's some kind of musical dystopia going on, with the Jazz Police hunting down renegade jazzers, gifted musicians being imprisoned (by God?) into Towers of Song, and a sad maybe-terrorist in a garret with a plywood violin. If this moves you, feel free to mix and match bits from each song -- or just use one, or two, or what have you. Feel free to play!

My Notes: This was another one I nominated because of brain-crawly lyrics, stuff that makes me practically beg to know the full story. Any interpretation you care to give them is fine with me, but like I said in the prompt, I really feel setting as a crucial element of these nominated songs, particularly Take This Waltz. TTW I see as straightforward melancholy, but feel free to add some humor to the other songs -- they certainly have it, even if it's dry as a bone.

Fandom: Hatoful Kareshi | Hatoful Boyfriend
Character(s): Tosaka Hiyoko
My Prompt: This canon is crack with the heart of a real story, and that's why I love it so much. I'd really like to see some post-canon fic about Hiyoko taking her place as an advocate of bird/human relations! This can be gen or pairing fic, although I think it'd be really sweet if one of the pairings from the game turned out to last! Shuu obviously wouldn't work here, and Oko and Nageki are questionable, but otherwise I think most of the options for pairing with Hiyoko are cute and workable. I would prefer no porn if Hiyoko's love interest remains a regular bird... but there is some pretty crazy super-science in this setting, so maybe he could be a test subject in a project to transform birds into more human-like forms, and things could go from there?

If you're taking Bad Boys Love as the "true" path, that's cool; I'd like to see a fic about Ryouta and Hiyoko somehow being saved or finding a way out of their predicament and moving on from there. Life after BBL is going to be pretty weird, but what else is new?

One small note: I still haven't gotten around to playing Holiday Star, so please, no spoilers for that? Feel free to ignore it entirely, if you like -- I won't be offended!

My Notes: This is a recycled prompt from last year, because I still want it! I really wish I'd gotten around to Holiday Star, though, but hopefully just focusing on the main canon will be okay.

Anyway, like I said last year: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WRITE ANTHRO BIRD PORN. It was just an idea, because regular-bird porn just doesn't work for me, but it's not required at all! I'll absolutely love gen character study, gen worldbuilding, or regular safe-for-work pairing fic. I promise.

For this fandom, I think I really want a story that feels like the canon to me: extremely weird, but sincere and straight-faced in its weirdness. Replicating the feel is the most important thing to me, and if you get to use all the weird science and miscellaneous worldsetting detail, that only makes it better! A strong emotional core is also great. Hiyoko is a really earnest, sincere person who feels things deeply, and I love her that way.

Like I said in the request, I'd prefer that the Shuu path not be used as a jumping-off path, and I'm not sure about the Oko path either -- it's goofy even by the standards, and I'm not sure where you could go from there. Nageki is a little more workable, though! I'm not sure if you could find a way to bring Nageki back, but a gen fic (or an alternate pairing) where Hiyoko remembers how much Nageki meant to her would be great.

A tiny note: like my screenname implies, I'm kind of a bird person. Ornithological details are great! I especially love corvids and pigeons, but in Hatoful fandom, who doesn't?

Fandom: The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo
Character(s): any
My Prompt: This game addresses a lot of interesting themes, but what I found most interesting is the figure of the Uncle: not as a Lovecraftian horror or whatever he really is, but as an embodiment of wish fulfillment and the strange, confusing lies we tell each other (and ourselves) to feel cooler and more loved than we are. I'd like a story about people getting entangled with more Uncle-like beings that embody different common wish-fulfillment lies. What about, say, the (Boy/Girlfriend) Who Lives Overseas And That's Why You've Never Met Her? Or the Mugger Whom I Owned With Kung Fu and Witty One-Liners? (The concept of an Uncle-alike who shows up wearing various faces to get one-upped, then takes it out on the person it's bound to in private... oh, man.)

Basically, I just really like the concept of a sort of psychological parasite that latches onto insecure people, fulfilling the role of the imaginary friend/lover/rival and providing more wish fulfillment, and then taking a terrible toll. Feel free to have things end happily or poorly!

My Notes: I really hope this prompt makes any sense at all. I was really just thinking of the kinds of dumb lies people tell to fill holes in their lives, similar to the "uncle who works for Nintendo" playground lie that launched the game. Who didn't know someone in middle/high school who lied about having this amazing (boy/girl)friend they met over the summer, but s/he's from Canada and s/he can't really visit... or the time they went out on the town and disarmed a mugger with martial arts and witty put-downs... or their ex who is crazy, just crazy, but now s/he moved across the country so don't worry about him/her, baby... and so it goes. I guess I'm just wondering if the Uncle has any... relatives? Colleagues?... and if they'd latch onto a different variation of the same sad story.

Fandom: SCP Foundation
Character(s): SCP-1624
My Prompt: On the subject of parasitism... I know this one is kind of jokey in canon, but I think it has the potential for serious, amazing body horror. What does it even mean to be in love with a parasitic organism, let alone to be in a "long-distance relationship" with one such that you have psychosomatic symptoms without the actual parasite in place? What happens if a 1624 subject wants to "meet up" with their 1624-1 "partner" in the real world? I'd love to see a divided, troubled 1624 subject, simultaneously deeply in love with their "partner" and coping with the suffering it causes. I'd prefer that the 1624 subject have entered into the relationship willingly, though -- it's more interesting if it's not abusive, just... complicated.

Feel free to use any parasite you like for this one and any other elements of the SCP universe you care to, although I'd prefer that the SCP-1624 subject not be a D-class conscripted into testing. (A researcher who got curious, however, is fine.)

My Notes: Okay, so this one is gross. I know this one is gross, so don't feel obliged to pull punches, although if you'd rather focus on the psychological romance/horror elements, that's fine too. (You don't have to be gross, but you can be, is my point!) Basically, I want an exploration of the concepts in SCP-1624 that isn't as punchliney and actually expands on the concept that this thing could create an apparently loving relationship between a person and a sapient parasitic organism (that the person doesn't really have, but feels like they do). Seriously, what happens if the subject and 1624-1 "move in together" via the subject tracking down and actually taking on the parasite? Is that possible, or does SCP-1624-1 always need its space?

So weird. So gross. Just play around with it and I'll probably love it!


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